10 Places for Flavourful Tea in Riyadh in 2024

If Tea is your thing, you’ll be living it up in Riyadh! The city is home to the very best shops, cafes and espresso bars where you can sip on your beverage of choice, take advantage of tasty treats on the go and soak up some culture all at the same time.

There’s just so much to do in Riyadh but if you’re searching for the perfect cafe to visit, below are 10 of the most stylish, friendly, and delicious Tea cafe in Riyadh.

I have listed the 10 best Tea in Riyadh as they’re all located in the capital.

Given Below is the 10 Best Tea in Riyadh

1. Acoustic Restaurant & Art Gallery

 best iced tea in riyadh

This restaurant and lounge bar in the Embassy Gardens is one of the most exclusive cafes in Riyadh. In fact, this place is famous because it serves tea from 5 PM onwards, with the first tea drinker at 5 PM every day.

This is a restaurant that you’ll want to check out if you’re looking for fine dining, an expensive tea cafe, or a place to get dressed up for an evening out.

This cafe is unique because it does serve traditional Arabic food. This is yet another good cafe for you to visit even if you want to enjoy Tea! I just loved the atmosphere there! Their specialty is their sandwiches and salads.

If you’re a fan of their food, go check out their Pizza Milano as well; it’s no less amazing and expensive!

  • Cuisine: Tea Room, and Café
  • Rating: 4.0
  • Timing: 5pm-1am
  • Price: 25 SAR
  • Phone: +966 11 416 4363
  • Address: Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12331, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

2. Tea Garden

best afternoon tea in riyadh

Tea Garden is a cafe that is not only known for its excellent Tea, but also for its amazing food offerings. It serves good Tea and its whole menu is quite tasty. The fact that they have traditional Arabic food too makes it even more unique and special.

For being one of the topmost Tea places in Riyadh, you’ll find them open from 8 AM until pretty late. In fact, they have a really good and affordable all-day breakfast where you can get amazing pancakes!

However, you can also check out their lunch, dinner, and snacks where you can also enjoy their homemade pizza; it’s really good! Their sandwiches are also quite nice and are perfect for an affordable lunch.

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop, and Café
  • Rating: 3.6
  • Timing: 8am-12am
  • Price: 30 SAR
  • Phone: +966 11 465 8007
  • Address: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Road, As Sulimaniyah، As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12223, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

3. Java Time


tea in riyadh

What drew everyone to Java Time was its good Tea and they were so right. It’s been voted as one of the best Tea cafes in the world by BusinessWeek magazine!

Java Time offers amazing brunch and lunch dishes where you can get your food at an affordable price. They also have very good sandwiches to get you through the whole day!

It has a really beautiful terrace and it looks like you’re in a Spanish café. You can definitely visit this place for some breakfast, Tea, lunch, dinner, or sweets!

  • Cuisine: Spanish Cafe
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Timing: 10am-11pm
  • Price: 20 SAR
  • Phone: +966 50 266 2288
  • Address: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Muruj, Riyadh 12282, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map


best boba tea in riyadh

It has Cool decoration, they sell coffee and tea shoots that can work with Nespresso machines .. loved the hazelnut with coffee and the white tea with vanilla.

Detox Evening tea, is so good for body water retention.

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop, and Café
  • Rating: 3.8
  • Timing: 11am-12am
  • Price: 50 SAR
  • Phone: +966 11 228 0009
  • Address: 12214، Kingdom Tower – Riyadh – Gate 3, 2239 Al Urubah Road، 9597، Riyadh 12214 9597, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

5. Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters

best milk tea in riyadh

Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters is another awesome place to hang out with friends, colleagues, or loved ones. It’s a really cozy and comfortable place with a warm ambiance.

You’ll love this spot; it feels like a cafe in your living room too! Their lunch and brunch dishes are also really good.

They have awesome Mediterranean food (one of my favorite cuisines) so if you’re not a huge fan of other types of cuisine, check out their breakfast and lunch offerings.

All of the bread and cheese are homemade too! It’s an amazing pizza and there’s just so much you can choose from. This is another one of my favorite restaurants in Riyadh!

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop, and Café
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Timing: 10am-11pm
  • Price: 45 SAR
  • Phone: +966 9200 13926 ext. 101
  • Address: 7157 Salem Bin Maaqil Al Nakheel Dist 4133، Riyadh 12392, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

6. Best coffee

Best coffee

This is another really famous cafe in Riyadh but it’s probably the most unusual! It looks like a mini Parisian hotel. It’s not too crowded, but it also feels like a café in Paris. I’m sure you’ll love it.

This is another traditional cafe in Riyadh. Their food is great but doesn’t get too used to it because some of their dishes are very delicious!

You can find good food options like snacks, sandwiches, cakes, desserts and more. If you’re a fan of Tea, you can definitely visit their terrace for a nice Tea!

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Timing: 11am-1am
  • Price: 20 SAR
  • Phone: +966 53 388 3862
  • Address: Al Wisham, شارع الملك سعود، حي، Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

7. Bubbles Tree

Bubbles Tree

Bubbles Tree restaurant was established right in the heart of Riyadh where delicious food, Tea, and an amazing atmosphere will bring you back for more!

However, it’s been around for just a decade or so, but it’s one of the topmost restaurants in Riyadh. It is one of the most famous Indian restaurants and it has been around for years. I love trying Indian food and this is definitely one of the best!

You can find most of Saudi’s favorite dishes like falafel, mawashiage, and many more. They offer breakfasts, brunch, and lunch and the menu also changes depending on the season too.

  • Cuisine: Tea Room, and Café
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Timing: 9am-11pm
  • Price: 30 SAR
  • Phone: +966 54 560 0764
  • Address: محمد حامد الفقي، Alyasmin, Riyadh 13326, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

8. Tea Gschwendner

Tea Gschwendner

Tea Gschwendner is a really nice and stylish cafe and restaurant in Riyadh. They’ve been around for more than 4 years and their food is great too.

Tea Gschwendner, as well as its Tea store, offers all kinds of drinks (not just tea), snacks, pastries, cakes, and a lot more. They really go all out and they have a beautiful terrace too.

It’s an awesome restaurant that has been named the best restaurant a lot of times so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in Riyadh.

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop, and Café
  • Rating: 3.6
  • Timing: 11am-1am
  • Price: 35 SAR
  • Phone: +966 54 560 0767
  • Address: PM6G+G6W, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12214, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

9. Coffee Boxes

best tea place in riyadh

Coffee Boxes is one of the first restaurants I’ve been to and I got an extra kick out of it in fact. Their Tea is awesome and it’s one of the best and the most unique. In their menu, they definitely go all out. You can go for their brunch, lunch or dinner and you’ll find great food!

They serve breakfast all day long, lunch, dinner, and snacks too. They have a nice vibe and their staff is super friendly. I love going to this restaurant.

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop, and Café
  • Rating: 4.0
  • Timing: 10am-9pm
  • Price: 20 SAR
  • Phone: +966 53 907 0600
  • Address: طريق ابي بكر الصديق،، At Taawun, Riyadh 12477, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

10. Roots Coffeehouse

Roots Coffeehouse

Roots Coffeehouse is one of the first Tea shops we’ve ever visited so I was super excited when they opened!

I love everything about this place, from the Tea to the food to the staff; it was all amazing. They have many types of pastries and delicious croissants too.

They also have sandwiches, salads, sandwiches, cakes, and a whole lot more. It’s a really nice restaurant if you’re looking for Tea and breakfast or for lunch and dinner. It’s really good!

  • Cuisine: Tea RoomCoffee Shop, and Café
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Timing: 11am-11pm
  • Price: 29 SAR
  • Phone: +966 50 160 4641
  • Address: Abi Bakr As Siddiq Rd, An Narjis, Riyadh 13323, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: Click here to see map

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