5 Best Iftar Buffet in Dammam with Friends and Family in 2024

Ramadan is approaching, and we can’t wait to consume all the delectable food at iftar and Sehri. For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is extremely important, and they make the most of every day by performing their religious requirements.

The month of Ramadan is especially significant because people host Sehri and Iftar gatherings for their friends and family. Many of them gather with their relatives for Sehri and Iftar banquets.

So, many restaurants provide their services in the month of Ramadan. Let’s look at the best iftar buffet in Dammam to make this Ramadan pleasant and more memorable.

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Here is the detail of the Iftar Buffet in Dammam

1. Al Kabsh Iftar Buffet

iftar buffet in dammam

One of the best iftar buffets in Dammam, Al Kabsh, is an Indian cuisine restaurant that offers the best meals with authentic flavors and aromas.

When you go for the iftar buffet, you will experience this restaurant’s low-cost eatery. The quality of the food at this restaurant is below ordinary. The personnel, on the other hand, was courteous. Moreover, the furniture and overall look of the restaurant are filthy and ancient.

The best foods at this iftar buffet include kebab and seafood, the most notable delicacies. Additionally, the Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken at the Dammam Branch are among the greatest dishes.

Finally, everything is quite nice, including the design, the environment, and the iftar meal, which is prepared hygienically.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Best Item(s): kebab, seafood
  • Ratings: 3.7 stars
  • Pricing: 180 SAR
  • Phone no: +966501348445
  • Timing: 4:30 to 12:00 am
  • Address: King Khaled St, Al ‘Adamah, Dammam 32242, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: See here the map

2. Maimona Restaurant

iftar buffet in dammam

Maimona restaurant is one of the best and cheapest iftar buffets in Dammam. It is a buffet-style Pakistani restaurant in the eastern region. If you want o go for iftar in Ramadan 2022, this restaurant is the option of providing a variety of menus for iftar meals.

This restaurant is considered as 28th top-rated restaurant in Dammam which is intended to provide quality service. There are more than 40 dishes on the iftar menu that you can order and enjoy with your family or friends.

These dishes include Chicken curry, Qeema, Veg curry, BBq, Steam rice, Chinese, soup, Biryani rice, and even salads and dessert. Chinese fried rice, noodles, and curries are delicious dishes that are considered the best items in this restaurant.

One of the main highlights of this restaurant is it provides free iftar serving for those people who are unable to afford the expenses of the iftar meals.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in
  • Cuisine: Pakistani, Indian
  • Best Item(s): Chinese fried rice, noodles, and curries
  • Ratings: 3.7 stars
  • Pricing: 20 SAR (for adults), 10 SAR (for children)
  • Timing: 11 am to 12 am (Monday to Wednesday & Saturday, Sunday), 11 am to 12:30 am (Thursday), 12 pm to 12:30 am (Friday)
  • Phone no: +966138062038
  • Address: Al ‘Adamah, Dammam 32242, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: See here the map

3. Fatima Restaurant Iftar Buffet

iftar buffet in dammam

Another, amazing and excellent iftar buffet in Dammam, Fatima restaurant is listed among the best iftar buffets all around the Dammam. It is the best hotel for Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi cuisine, with exceptional flavor throughout the board.

This restaurant used to serve nice Rotis and side dishes, but since the pandemic, it has deteriorated from ordinary to hyper-worst. Yes, you read that correctly… the rotis have lost their flavor, the gravies are nothing more than masala in boiling water, and the hygiene has deteriorated.

Moreover, all the dishes are prepared by the proprietor is attempting to keep the spirits of the visiting consumers up.
Delicious cuisine at a reasonable price. The curry quantity is a little low. The manager is pleasant, but the service personnel is less so.

Due to its great service and delectable taste, this restaurant is also very popular in the region.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in
  • Cuisine: Arabic, Indian, Pakistani
  • Best Item(s): Vegetarian dishes, eastern traditional foods
  • Ratings: 3.8 stars
  • Pricing: 90 SAR
  • Timing: 6 pm to 12 am (All Days)
  • Phone no: +966509284710
  • Address: Madinat Al Umal, Dammam 32253, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: See here the map

4. Horyat Al Sharqia Seafood Restaurant

buffet in dammam

Horyat Al Sharqia Seafood Restaurant is one of the greatest seafood eateries. If you want to experience the best iftar buffet in Dammam, you should try this restaurant must. You will feel the real taste of the iftar meal, which is very delicious, and you will enjoy every bite.

 Salmon skewers, fried shrimp, rice, baked fish, and fried fish are all the noticeable and most favorable dishes of this restaurant. 

Another best dish of this restaurant is the seafood, cooked well and full of real aroma and taste. Moreover, the staff helps assist us in selecting fish species. If you’re searching for live seafood counters, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s worth a shot. 

Furthermore, creamy soup, crabs, and noodles are also remarkable and tasty to experience. If we talk about the pricing of this restaurant, it is very reasonable.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in
  • Cuisine: Arabian, Italian, Asian
  • Best Item(s): Soups, Crabs, Salmon skewers, rice
  • Ratings: 4.4 stars
  • Pricing: 80 SAR
  • Timing: 3 pm to 3 am (All Days)
  • Phone no: +966507831115
  • Address: Omar Ibn Al Khattab St, Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • Location: See here the map

5. Damascus Gardens Restaurant

iftar buffet in dammam

Most reasonable and high in demand iftar buffet in Dammam, the Damascus Gardens Restaurant attains the highlights that make it stands from others in the area.

This restaurant offers Excellent fresh meat and quick service. They have excellent Koftah, Indiana Kabab (a tomato-based kabab cooked in the oven), and fresh juices for entertainment. If parking is difficult, park a block before or after the event.

BBQ, kebab, kofta, and pastries are the restaurant’s signature dishes, all of which are expertly cooked and delicious.
In reality, this restaurant is likewise situated in a pleasant environment.

At the same time, it is reasonable, if not cheap, to test it out during Ramadan. Overall, if you’re looking for succulent meat, this is the place to go.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in
  • Cuisine: Syrian
  • Best Item(s): Kebab, pasterry, kofta, BBQ
  • Ratings: 4.2 stars
  • Pricing:  SAR
  • Timing: 7 pm to 1 am (All Days)
  • Phone no: +966138255301
  • Address: 3299 l Shifa, Dammam 32236, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: See here the map

Do you want to try the classic and tasteful iftar meal outside? The above-discussed iftar buffets in Damman attain the quality which is super.

So, you can try them this year. There is no doubt that the iftar buffet in Dammam has an extensive brilliant experience of preparing delicious iftar meals for the customers.

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