5 Places to Eat Best Iftar Buffet in Madina this Ramadan 2024

Every Muslim in Madinah and worldwide orchestrates iftar gatherings and offers various sorts and tastes of food varieties. So assuming you likewise want to welcome your friends or family for Iftar Dastarkhuwan, we will let you know the best Ramadan iftar buffet options in Madinah.

These arrangements are incredibly alluring and helpful for a monetary spending plan. What’s more, Iftar at any well-known café is better than the Iftar at home. First and foremost you need to cook a lot of food varieties. It would help if you accomplished heaps of work to deal with your visitors, which is an exceptionally tedious assignment with Roza.

Therefore, the period of Ramadan is the ideal chance to loosen up with loved ones around Sehr and Iftar – a commonly luxurious dining experience that beginnings at dusk to break the day of fasting.

So, for those searching for a necessary Ramadan experience this year, we’ve gathered together 5 must-trying iftar buffets in Madinah.

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Here is the list of 5 Must Trying Iftar Buffets in Madinah

1. Al Marwa Restaurant

Al Marwa Restaurant

Al Marwa restaurant is also known as Dar Al Taqwa Hotel is one of the most fabulous locations in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque.

It is located just footsteps away, only 3 meters from the main entrance to the Holy Mosque, facing King Fahad gate ladies entrance, close to shopping arcades and a commercial center.

Further, the hotel is just 20 minute’s drive from Madinah International Airport. During Ramadan, the restaurant offers buffet iftar and sahoor. Moreover, they are very popular for their buffet, and this Ramadan, they are back again with a range of Iftar buffet items to make your Ramadan much more enjoyable.

The buffet menu includes Desi, vegetarian dishes, salads, and more! It is known for its delicious Continental, Chinese, and international-inspired delicacies. So, this restaurant is the best option for you to try out in Ramdan 2022.

Concluding their services, management, and the meal everything is really awesome.

  • Type of Iftar: Dine-in, Take-out, Buffet
  • Cuisine: Saudi Arabian, Mediterranean, and International 
  • Best Item(s): Panzanella, salad, and lamb tajine.
  • Ratings: 4.5 stars (Google Reviews)
  • Pricing: 75 SAR
  • Timing: 7:30 pm to 11 pm
  • Phone no: +966559905069
  • Address: Dar Al Taqwa Hotel, Bada’ah, Medina 42311, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: see here the map

2. Arabesque Buffet

Arabesque Restaurant

Arabesque ensures all compliance related to Covid-19 with Shaza Assures protocols that specify the procedures and guidelines and Ministry of Health guidelines of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are followed for both our valuable Guests and Staff.

These protocols are aligned with the needs and required criteria followed in each area of the hotel operations to ensure that Shaza Al Madina follows health and safety measures all the time. 

Additionally, for flavors and textures that inspire and delight, Melbourne’s most exciting Middle Eastern experience is here at Arabesque.

So, whether it’s a quick Iftar buffet for two, a takeaway snack, or a late-night dinner with friends. Further, the mouth-watering menu covers all bases. Arabesque is the ideal place to come and meet friends, providing a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet,
  • Cuisine: Jordanian & Middle Eastern Cuisine
  • Best Item(s): Chicken wraps, Jordanian brunch, Falafel platter, Kebab iskandar
  • Ratings: 3.7 Stars (Google Reviews)
  • Pricing: 165 SAR
  • Timing: 7 pm to 1 am
  • Phone no: +966148290001
  • Address: King Fahd Road Building No# 2943, Central Area, Medina 41476, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: see here the map

3. Al Salam Restaurant

Al Salam Restaurant

Al Salam Restaurant offers a stunning list of food and desserts to satisfy the different tastes of our guests. Our panoramic view of the Prophet’s Mosque adds a spiritual atmosphere to the venue, making dinner or lunch even more enjoyable.

Al Salam Restaurant is located just a few meters from the Prophet’s Mosque (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)on the first floor of Al Anwar Mall. This restaurant is attached to the Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Hotel. It is located in the same building. So, it remains an essential address for people coming to visit the Masjid an-Nabawwi and staying nearby.

Therefore, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Al Salam Restaurant offers buffets that can satisfy all mouths as the dishes are so varied. Moreover, the restaurant is sufficiently spacious and offers two different spaces with different decorations, one of which groups together the other food displays.

The western bakery corner is particularly pretty. However, one of the main assets of the dining room is undoubtedly its magnificent view of the Masjid an-Nabawi.

Furthermore, the international cuisine offered is of high quality, and the staff is smiling and helpful. Concluding, this buffet provides guests with plenty of healthy food choices.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in, Take-out
  • Cuisine: International
  • Best Item(s): Salad, Grilled Meat, seafood 
  • Ratings: 3.0 stars (Google Reviews)
  • Pricing: 55 SARS
  • Timing: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Phone no: +966148181000
  • Address: Al Khalidiyah Central Zone Madinah, Munawara 42311, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: See here the map

4. Ziafat AlMedinah Restaurants

Al Marwa Restaurant

Ziafat is one of those restaurants which offer great food with unmatched ambiance. So, they provide delicious platters that are great for people with a budget, a la carte, and a buffet that is ideal if you want to eat all your favorite dishes in one place.

One of the best iftar buffets, Ziafat Almedinah restaurant provides the best PAKISTANI & Chinese food in Medinah Munawarah. We also offer food in RAM. Additionally, this is a great place for peaceful family dining and a good variety of Pakistani. They serve Nestle water and Coke account.

Therefore, their Ramadan Iftar buffet includes barbecue, Chinese, Desi dishes, desserts, salads, soups, and traditional Ramadan items. Moreover, their buffet, it’s packed with Pakistan variety that will fulfill your Desi food cravings

  • Type of Iftar: Dine-in, Take-out, Buffet
  • Cuisine: Pakistani, Chinese
  • Best Item(s): Mutton Paya, Beef Nihari, Halwa puri
  • Ratings: 3.9 stars (Google Reviews)
  • Pricing: 88 SAR
  • Timing: Opens 24 hours
  • Phone no: +966566160757
  • Address: 2306 Sayed Al Shouhada, Al Masani, Medina 42313, Saudi Arabia
  • Location: see the map

5. Al Madinah Hyderabadi Restaurants

iftar buffet in madinah

Another best iftar buffet in Madinah, the Al Madinah Hyderabadi restaurant is located just 2kms away from Masjid E Nabawi from Gates. So, if you have the chance to try Hyderabadi food at the famous New Madina Hyderabadi hotel in Medina Munnawara, you will really find it very tasty and favorable.

This restaurant is an original and authentic Indian restaurant. So, you will feel the original flavor of Indian food. Additionally, staying at Madinah for Hyderabadi pilgrims is easier.

Therefore, if you want to invite your friends and family to the iftar feat, this iftar buffet is the ideal option for you. Moreover, various appetizers, salads, drinks, main dishes, and desserts are served at Iftar.

This buffet’s serving, staff, and decoration are highly remarkable. Moreover, it serves superior varieties of tea and coffee and an assortment of varied specialties.

  • Type of Iftar: Buffet, Dine-in, Take-out
  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Best Item(s): Mutton Biryani, Hyderabad Dum biryani
  • Ratings: 3.9 stars (Google Reviews)
  • Pricing: 28 SAR
  • Timing: 7:30 pm to 1:05 am
  • Phone no: +966500425503
  • Address: Sultana Road Beside Madina Medical Center Saudi Arabia
  • Location: see here the map

Well, do you want to try the iftar buffet in Madinah, and find that which restaurant is the best iftar buffet in Madinah? Now, you will not require to research it more.

Therefore, all the above restaurants are the best iftar buffet in Madinah which are serving really excellent. So, just read the details and reserve your seats right now!

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